Confessions from an Aesthetician: skin products that improve texture!

Jada Kramer, aesthetician at Gateway Medspa in Eastvale, CA has a radiant complexion. But was her skin always so beautiful?

“I did have breakouts in high school,” Jada confides, “which left me with some post inflammatory hyperpigmentation…”

What is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? If you’ve had a breakout, and your skin became discolored, and stayed discolored, you most likely have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

To even out her skin tone and improve texture, Jada has designed the perfect regimen: “I’m a total ZO junkie…”


“I’m religious about my skin care regimen. Every morning, every night, seven days a week. I’ve been in the industry for over 11 years. You have to be very, very diligent in your skincare regimen if you want to see results. It’s like exercise. If you stop going to the gym, you’re not going to see results any more. You have to be consistent.”

Why ZO? It’s very result oriented, it’s high quality, and there’s a lot of science behind it which makes it very effective.

“In the past, I used ZO skin care products off and on but I didn’t really have the education or experience at the time. It wasn’t until I worked for Dr. Obaji that I really realized and understood why the steps are so important. All of the products work together to deliver the results you are looking for. I saw dramatic improvement in the texture of my skin and dramatic reduction in pigmentation. My skin looked and felt a lot healthier.

“I have melasma – which was exacerbated by not prepping my skin prior to a Fraxel Laser treatment. So for me personally, pigment had been my biggest issue until using ZO products. Most recently, I am focusing on anti-aging and maintaining the results I have already achieved. I don’t want to have visible signs of aging! I know it’s inevitable, but these products truly help to turn back time. This regimen is about preventing and maintaining your skin’s optimal heath.”

Jada’s Cosmetic Treatments

People can be pretty hush-hush about their cosmetic treatments.

For treatments, Jada likes to do peels. Her favorite is Rejuvenize from SkinMedica. “I do peels for resurfacing, texture, to stimulate collagen, to get a fresh start so my product works more effectively, and to diminish fine lines.”

What are the best products for you?

For someone just beginning this skin care journey, Jada recommends prepping the skin with a good cleanser, like Foamacleanse, followed by exfoliating polish, and then TE pads (salicylic and glycolic acid blend), Daily Power Defense, C-Bright (Vitamin C) and SPF.

During the day, you always need a sunblock. “ZO has a great sunblock – it adjusts to your skin tone for some extra coverage.”

To find the right products for your skin care goals, schedule a complimentary consultation at Gateway Medspa. With 11 years of experience in the medical skin care industry, Jada can help you get on the path to a brighter and more even toned complexion!

AuthorRachel Mendoza
Posted onJune 2, 2017
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